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The M484SIDAE is a high performance, low power microcontroller powered by the Arm? Cortex?-M4F core with DSP extension. It can run up to 192 MHz with 175 ?A/ MHz dynamic low power consumption. The 512 KB embedded dual bank Flash memory supports OTA ( Over-The-Air ) firmware upgrade, and the 160 KB embedded SRAM includes 32 KB cache to speed up external SPI Flash code execution. The factory pre-loaded bootloader delivers Secure Boot functionality to provide the code integrity check in embedded Flash memory. The built-in Secure Protection ROM provides a safe space for saving confidential program or data. One-Time Programmable ROM is also included for product life-cycle management.

The M484SIDAE supports operating voltage from 1.8V to 3.6V, and industrial operating temperature from - 40 ℃ to 105 ℃ . It is integrated with 2 sets of USB 2.0 interface with op-chip full speed and high speed OTG PHY. Package type is LQFP64.

Target Application:

USB Adapter, USB Sensor Hub, etc.

Key Features:

 -Up to 192 MHz Arm? Cortex ?-M4F delivering 1.25 DMIPS per MHz
 -DSP instruction set
 -Memory Protection Unit ( MPU )
 -512 KB zero-wait state Flash memory
 -160 KB RAM, including 32 KB external SPI Flash cache
 -4 KB Secure Protection ROM
 -2 KB One-Time-Programmable ROM
? Cyclic Redundancy Calculation Unit
? 16-ch Peripheral DMA Controller
? External Bus Interface
 -LCD parallel interface, i80 mode
? Clocks
 -4 to 24 MHz crystal oscillator
 -32 kHz oscillator for RTC
 -Internal 12 MHz RC oscillator
 -Internal 10 kHz RC oscillator
 -Internal PLL up to 480 MHz
 -80 bytes of battery-powered backup registers
? Timer & PWM
 -Four 32-bit timers
 -Twelve Enhanced PWM with twelve 16-bit timers
 -Twelve Basic PWM with two 16-bit timers
 -One 24-bit count-down SysTick timer
 -One watchdog timer
 -One window watchdog timer
? Analog Peripheral
 -One 12-bit, up to 16-ch 5MSPS SAR ADC
 -Two 12-bit, 1 MSPS DAC
 -Two rail-to-rail comparators
 -Two operational amplifiers
? Communication Interface
 -Up to 6 low power UART interfaces ( 17 Mbps ) , including 2 LIN interfaces
 -Up to 3 ISO-7816 interfaces ( 3.4 MHz ) , supporting full duplex UART mode
 -Three I?C interfaces ( Up to 3.4 Mbps )
 -One SPI Flash interface ( Up to 96 MHz ) supports quad mode
 -One Quad- SPI interface ( Up to 96 MHz )
 -Up to 4 SPI / I?S interfaces ( SPI up to 96 MHz , I?S up to 192 kHz/16-bit )
 -One I?S interface ( 192 kHz/32-bit )
 -Two USCI interfaces, supporting configurable UART / SPI / I?C
 -Two Secure Digital Host Controllers ( 50 MHz )
? Control Interface
 -Two quadrature encoder interfaces
 -One 24-bit, 3-ch input capture timer/counter units
? Advanced Connectivity
 -USB 2.0 high speed device/ host/ OTG controller with on-chip PHY
?Operating Characteristic
 -Voltage range: 1.8V to 3.6V
 -Temperature range: - 40 ℃ to +105 ℃
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